The #1 pharmacist recommended probiotic where carried.

Florajen® Probiotics were founded by bacteriologists over 25 years ago with the intent of creating effective, affordable options to help people avoid the unpleasant side effects of antibiotics. They help restore the good flora and maintain the natural bacterial ratio the body needs to stay healthy, particularly in the digestive and vaginal tracts. Florajen is known for having the right strains at the right cell counts and maintaining a Cold Chain Commitment™, keeping our probiotics refrigerated for freshness and potency from manufacture to delivery.

The Florajen Family of High Potency Probiotics:

Florajen Digestion (formerly Florajen3): Multiculture blend of probiotic strains that aid in the healthy functioning of the digestive tract

Florajen Women: Multiculture blend of probiotic strains that aid in maintaining the healthy balance of vaginal flora

Florajen Kids: Multiculture blend of probiotic strains beneficial for digestive and immune health in kids starting at 6 months of age

Florajen Acidophilus: An extra high potency, single culture probiotic that can be helpful in maintaining everyday health

For more information please visit www.florajen.com.